Robocraft Royale is a science fiction battle royale game where 100 players gear themselves up with insane vehicles and then fight to the finish. The most skilled pilots in the galaxy have come together to determine once and for all who is the best of the best. To do so, you must use a wide array of mechs, dinosaurs, tanks, helicopters, and many other vehicles, and fight until you're the last pilot standing! These battles occur in a huge 64 square kilometer map filled with everything from mountain ranges to spaceship wrechage. Can you suit up, step up, and prove once and for all that you're the best pilot in the galaxy?

Robocraft Royale Key Features

Battle Royale Revisited - Fight to survive against 100 other players determined to defeat you using every tool at your disposal. Use positioning, timing, and skill to win it all.

Vast Open World - Explore a 64 square kilometer battle arena, complete with mountains, starship wrecks, and much more. Will you hide from enemies and let them kill each other, or plan savage ambushes?

Loads Of Vehicles - Choose from hundreds of robots and vehicles scattered across the battlefield. Tanks, mechs, helicopters, and dinosaurs await!

Precise Damage System - Take apart your enemy with Robocrafts unique damage system. Destroy their weapons and movement systems, then finish them off.