RoboManiac is a free to play browser-based science fiction game that offers a unique and exciting mix of RPG and Sports Manager games. You build a robot, equip it in your own Workshop with fantastic weapons and numerous items, and get them into the fight! On a distant planet in the far future, humans evacuate to escape an impending disaster. 30 years later, the robots they left behind wake up, and take the future into their own hands.

Fight with your bot in the Metal Kings League for glory and cold, hard Credits. Moreover, there are adventurous missions and quests to fulfill, in order to defend the Habitat against other bots and nasty creatures. The future of RoboManiac is up to the bots to decide!

RoboManiac Key Features

Build Your Bots - Level your bot up and upgrade them with weapons and parts. Research new technologies in your very own research facility!

Get Into The Action - Fight your bot in the Metal Kings League and earn rankings and rewards. Daily league battles and missions offer further rewards and options.

Learn The Tale - Learn about the planet Centerra and its people - and robots - as you play through the game. Quests and other PvE content offer storyline and rewards.

Fair To Play - Even with premium account status, RoboManiac prides itself on being fair to play. There are no pay to win mechanics or golden bullets to be found.