Rodinia War is a fantasy MMO with a unique blend of real-time strategy and MMORPG gameplay that can be played in your browser or through a stand-alone client. On the RPG layer it contains the typical beloved MMORPG features such as questing, level-based progression, and gearing your character. But Rodinia War comes with a twist, as a full-fledged real-time strategy awaits you. You are in charge of building your own kingdom and leading your troops to battle to fight against other players: Improve your army, attack your neighbors and capture their cities to gain even more power.

And the best part: If you are missing the necessary resources to upgrade your barracks to level 20, just grab your sword! The beautifully designed 3D part of the game enables players to complete quests and explore the breathtaking world of Rodinia. all while earning resources to build with – just do whatever you’re in the mood for!

Rodinia War Key Features

RPG and Strategy Hybrid - Build your civilization in a 2D world, and then explore in a full 3D version of the kingdom.

Level Up - Level your kingdom to create huge civilizations, and gain experience for your Knight.

PvP Warfare - Conquer your neighbors or work together to take out other players in full force.

Browser-Based - Play directly from your browser or through Rodinia War's dedicated stand-alone client.