Rogalia is a sandbox-style MMORPG with a wide open fantasy world, meal-based character leveling, nice cartoony graphics, and cozy atmosphere! The world of Rogalia is influenced by the players and their actions. You are free to do as you wish! You can live the simple life, being a farmer or living off the land. You can become a crafter and gather resources to create items used by yourself and others. You can engage in the simple to learn but difficult to master combat system, fighting monsters for their spoils, or even engaging in PvP! Whatever you decide to do, be sure you get enough to eat; good nutrition is essential to character growth! If you like sandbox MMOs with loads of options, perhaps Rogalia is a game for you.

Rogalia Key Features

A Game For Grownups - You can indulge every vice in Rogalia. You're free to engage in smoking, drink booze, gluttony, gamble, have promiscuous sex, and more, but beware! You'll pay in the end, from hangovers to STDs.

Eat Your Heart Out - Character advancement is based on meals, so be sure to eat your fill! Through a unique system that matches vitamin intake with characteristics, you can actually max every stat - if you can find enough food, you glutton.

A Wonderful World - Explore a wide open PvP world with 3 undeground layers and PvE-protected areas (towns and rented patches). Be careful! You will lose all of your vitamins, gear and bag contents after most deaths!