Rogue's Light, known as The Greedy Cave**, is a fantasy roguelike browser game full of darkness and mystery, where treasure and traps, danger and surprise, expedition and puzzle-solving coexist. Delve into a sprawling, near-endless dungeon in search of forgotten riches, but beware; danger lurks at every turn, and behind every shadow! The game consists of 3 difficulty levels, 100 random expedition mazes, 60 different kinds of creatures and Bosses, 300 collective sets, and more than 20000 words of game plot for you to experience. Your biggest challenge in the game is to survive to the end. Come, and try if you can!

Rogue's Light Key Features

Descend Into The Depths - Go deeper and deeper into the darkness. Every 10 levels, you will find a check point. These checkpoints allow you to leave the dungeon and reenter from that floor. There is a shop at every 11th floor. Every 20 floors will have a boss you have to win against to get the check point. Be ready to fight!

Risk And Reward - Enter the dungeon, weapon and shield in hand. As you adventure, you will gain experience, and perhaps valuable loot. Beware! If you die inside the dungeon, the items you've looted will be lost. Have no fear, however; anything you owned before you went into the depths will be kept.

Advance In Strength - Once you gain enough Experience/Exp to gain a level you will gain an Ability point. You can use these to level up your stats. Every 5 Ability points you spend will unlock a choice of 2 Skills; you can only select one, so read each skill thoroughly! You can reset your skills and Ability points using a item form the Town shop at a cost of 300 Diamonds/Crystals.