Rokh is a futuristic sandbox sci-fi survival game from Darewise Entertainment where players will have to work together to overcome the numerous challenges they will face as settlers on planet Mars. Rokh is set in a persistent multiplayer setting where everything develops based on simulation and systems interaction, instead of classic script-based interactions. Players must find a way to survive against hunger, thirst, radiation, and other dangers, and to be able to do so, players simply must cooperate with one another; no one player will have all the skills required to go it alone. From robotics to building housing to chemical engineering, Rokh delivers a deep scientific and survival strategy simulation!

Rokh Key Features

Persistent Survival Sandbox - Players must be prepared to face long term challenges and to work together to overcome them. Mars is a hostile place, and no one can go it alone; do you have the stamina, ingenuity, and perseverance to overcome all the obstacles you will face?

PvP Elements - Not all players in Rokh are willing to work together; there are those who seek to further their own aims by simply taking what they need from others. Can you fight off these marauders... or will you become one of them?

Automation - Players can build robotics and write in-game programs to manage mundane tasks, freeing them to pursue more lucrative uses of their in-game time.