RolyPolyLand is a free to play multiplayer online browser game for kids ages 6-12, where they can communicate and learn while having fun. The project’s main values are as follows: a moderated, friendly world without violence. We’ve been able to combine fun and entertainment with modern educational methods. Playing the game helps the child learn new things about himself and the world. Adventures in RolyPolyLand help to develop memory, attention, reaction time and creativity. The child can also reinforce the knowledge received in school, as some of the games and quizzes are based on subjects in the school curriculum. We are very serious about introducing regular updates to the game. There is always something to do in RolyPolyLand, and anyone can join in the fun!

RolyPolyLand Key Features

Create Your Own Roly - Design your own round and roly character, known as a Roly, and show the world your style! What kind of Roly will you be?

Loads To Do - Chat with friends and embark on exciting adventures. Join clubs, have fun playing games and decorate your own home. There is a magical world awaiting!

Safe And Secure - Special content filtering ensures obscene chat does not get through. Moderators are online 24/7 to help keep the experience safe. Volunteers, usually parents of kids who play the game, also ensure safety in RolyPolyLand!