Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao, known as ROTK The Legend of CaoCao, is a free to play mobile real time strategy / RPG hybrid set in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. ROTS The Legend of CaoCao builds on a long and beloved succession of Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy games, melding immersive RPG storytelling and engaging RTS play into one wonderful whole. Assemble a team of legendary generals, leaders, and heroes, and learn their stories. Test your strategic and tactical skills against both AI and player opponents. Fight in diverse modes, from Story mode to Annihilation, and help CaoCao unite all of the Three Kingdoms beneath his banner!

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: The Legend Of CaoCao Key Features

Build Your Team - Warlords and wise men, diplomats and heroes, all await a strong and wise leader. Build your team from a diverse cast of wonderful, colorful characters, and then learn their individual stories in RPG-like events.

Live The Adventure - Fight the critical battles of all of the kingdoms in the engaging Story mode, and learn the history behind the kingdoms and heroes. Or, jump right into the fray against other players!

Conquer The Three Kingdoms - A wide range of challenges await. You can sharpen your skills and strategies against AI opponents, and then put them to the ultimate test facing down enemy players in asynchronous PvP battles.