Royal Blood is an ambitious free to play mobile fantasy MMORPG which delivers a PC quality gaming experience to mobile players around the world. Get ready for a mobile MMORPG which features interesting characters, a huge and seamless open world, and a bounty of quests and events. Royal Blood also has a focus on rewarding PvP play. Intense 100 vs 100 guild battles await, delivering all of the intensity and excitement you could hope for. There are even huge raids, which require players from across an entire server to cooperate! Complete quests or fight in PvP. Play alone or with friends. Explore a huge and dynamic world. Royal Blood lets you do it all.

Royal Blood Key Features

Choose Your Character - Take your pick of four main characters; will you choose the mysterious Mage? Or the versatile and wily Bard? As you adventure, your character will gain new skills and powers. You can even choose the fighting stance your character takes in combat, enabling more offensive or defensive playstyles.

Huge Seamless World - An open fantasy world lies ahead of you. Set out on your adventure and meet new people, explore unusual and forgotten places, and face terrible monsters. Complete quests and events to advance and earn rewards and treasure.

Play Together - Prepare to play with - and against - players from all around the world. Team up with players from across your server to take part in special raids. Fight in epic 100 vs 100 guild vs guild pvp matches. Climb to the top of the rankings and prove that you're the best.

Immersive And Intense - Powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Royal Blood features graphics and animations that rival PC games. A seamless open world, colorful graphics and delightful characters, and much more await.