RPG MO is a free to play MMORPG that allows players to explore any path they choose, reminiscent of classic fantasy MMOs like RuneScape. RPG MO provides an open world sandbox experience where players are quite free to pursue whatever activities or avenues they wish, and with a player run market which allows the sale of any item in the game. Players in RPG MO can pursue paths of combat, leveling up their fighting and magical skills and acquiring new weapons and learning new spells, they can choose a crafter's path, creating a wide variety of items to sell to others, and they may do only one, or the other, should they so choose; it's a true sandbox. Build what you wish!

RPG MO Key Features

Freeform Character Development - Characters in RPG MO have 15 different skills which players advance in simply through using them. No level caps means you advance as far as you wish!

Explore Many Worlds - RPG MO has 25 huge, explorable worlds for players to explore and adventure in. The pixelated graphics are colorful and fun!

Engage In PvP - With a wide array of PvP modes, from guild wars to last man standing free for all events, RPG MO lets players indulge their love of PvP!

True Free To Play - Every item in game can be acquired through in-game activities; there are no hidden pay to win mechanics in RPG MO.

Randomly Generated Dungeons - Explore dungeons and overcome monsters and challenges to claim loot! Groups of up to four players can explore and adventure together; bring your friends!

A House And A Pet - Players can build their own homes and then invite their friends over for a party, and can also collect and train over 150 different types of pets!