RUiN is a new MOBA game by Tarhead Studio. In RUiN you select your preferred combination of abilities from an ever expanding pool as you join forces and battle it out on a dynamic battlefield in a fast-paced, action packed multiplayer online arena game. RUiN focus on team based combat instead of free for all and also the abilities are selected in a draft system, much like the ones in MOBA’s but with abilities of course, and cannot be upgraded during the game. The concept is based on the popular Warcraft III mod Warlock.

The goal of the game is to destroy your opponents, but unlike other games this is not mainly done through ability related damage. Instead you aim and cast different abilities to push your opponent out of the arena and into the hazardous area surrounding the arena dealing massive damage in a “King of the Hill”-fashion. The push back is controlled through an advanced system and is an individual resource in the game.

RUiN Key Features

Deadly Hazard Area - this are is created for the chaos and make your character's life harsher! Be aware that after particular period of time this area is growing in sizes! Stay apart from Hazard area and force the opposite team to be there by using your abilities!

Dream Team - with this feature you are able to form or join any team! Invite your friends through the Steam™ friends list and select combination of abilities that you preferred. You also can join other teams and try your strategic analytical thinking there!

Unique Customization - with this amazing feature you can choose the abilities from an ever-expanding pool in order to customize your character due to the your preferences and tastes!