Rules of Survival is an intense Battle Royale shooter for mobile and PC where up to 300 players parachute into a vast battleground and fight to be the last one standing. You drop into the battleground, and must immediately search for weapons and items, form a plan, and put it into action. All the while, poisonous gas is encroaching from all sides, pushing the players into closer and closer quarters, and ultimately there can be only one winner - or one team, if you like to play as a team. Play is absolutely fair and takes place in a huge map which provides plenty of cover, avenues of approach, and opportunity for locating weapons and items.

Rules Of Survival Key Features

Team Or Solo - You can play solo, hunting and stalking from cover and biding your time. Or, you can play as a member of a team of up to 5 players, and open up a world of tactical options. The choice is yours.

Huge Open Map - The map is immense, and provides loads of options for drop zones, approaches, strong points, and more. Because the map is so vast, you will need to seek out vehicles to move about quickly - at least if you hope to stay ahead of the poisonous gas!

Search And Destroy - Weapons, vehicles, armor, and items are scattered throughout the map, and you must quickly locate what you need. A wide array of weapons, from handguns and assault rifles to potent shotguns and grenades, reward adaptable playstyles.

Final Victory - Hide and stalk the other players, and let them thin each other out, or go in guns blazing; whatever you do, time is not on your side! The clouds of deadly gas are creeping ever closer, and sooner or later, you will have to fight.