RuneScape: Idle Adventures is an addictive, easy to play Idle fantasy RPG for PC, Android, and iOS, which focuses on leveling and looting, on deep character development and narrative. In a usual gameplay session of Runescape: Idle Adventures, players will spend a few minutes making decisions for their hero, and then he or she will run off to train, fight, and quest in real time, without further player input. Developed jointly with Hyper Hippo, Runescape: Idle Adventures delivers a gameplay experience which players can fully enjoy, advance through, and immerse themselves in, even if they can only play for a few minutes per day. The story is light-hearted, the graphics are fun and bright, and the story is comedic, but Idle Adventures is a serious game, with all the character customization, exploration, and depth of a classic RPG.

Runescape: Idle Adventures Key Features

Idle Gameplay, RPG Depth - In only a few minutes per day, players can develop their character and advance the story as much as if they played for hours. Idle games are designed to be played in idle time!

Customizable Character - Create your own character and decide how they look, what they do, and more! Runescape: Idle Adventures delivers all the character development of a more typical RPG

Save Gielinor - You are the wielder of the elder artifact known as the Needle, and you must use it and your wits to do whatever it takes to protect the world - from trout fishing to wrestling a god!