Runewards is a free to play competitive strategy card game for mobile and PC which pits you against other players in an epic duel of wits and tactics. Gameplay in Runewards is all about anticipating your opponent's moves and out-smarting your foe in any way you can. The game is easy to learn but hard to master. The challenge and fun begins with building your deck, deciding which strategy to pursue, which cards to include. Three different races are available, and each one offers different options; an important choice! Then, you have to go test your deck and yourself out in actual matches! Matches are short, fun, and strategic, and above all, competitive.

Runewards Key Features

Build Your Army - Take your pick from three unique races, each with its own unique Heroes, Units, Abilities, Spells and mechanics. Within the Gameboard you decide how to play. Each move you make can win or lose you the round or even the match itself!

Tactically Intense - Recognize and take advantage of your opponent's strength and weaknesses. Know if your opponent holds the card he needs to answer your moves. In Runewards, the match is played in a best-of-3 rounds. Will you give up this round to do a comeback in the next? The winner takes all, so bring your A-game.

Competitive Matches - Play against your friends or other players online, or try your skill in Ranked Matches. Leagues are played in seasons, and you can climb through the ranks. How far can you go?