Russian Fishing 4 is a fishing simulator with RPG elements set in an open, explorable, and totally user directed game world. Complete player freedom is at the core of the Russian Fishing 4 gameplay experience. Explore the world and discover dozens of beautiful locations to fish, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Learn to work with the game's advanced physics engine to catch that trophy fish. Obtain the best gear and learn which rod, reel, lure, and more to use for a given fish or situation. Above all, the game world constantly evolves and changes, so there are always new places to discover! If you like open world exploration and fishing sims, Russian Fishing 4 might just be for you.

Russian Fishing 4 Key Features

Loads Of Fish - Match wits with more than 50 different species of fish, each with their own habitat preferences and behaviors. Can you catch a trophy of every species, or will you come up empty handed?

DIverse Locations - Explore 8 different lakes and rivers, seeking out the choicest spots and hidden holes. Can you seek out the choicest spots and find those big, shy fish?

Grow And Improve - The more you fish, the better you get. Your skills will improve as you catch and fish more, helping you catch ever bigger fish. You can even earn achievements!

Loads Of Gear - Obtain gear for spinfishing, bait casting, float fishing, and more. Collect the best gear and put it to the best use. You can even go out and capture your own bait and make your own lures!