RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is a buy to play 4 player cooperative hack and slash action game, based upon Rooster Teeth's popular series RWBY. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse offers gameplay inspired by action games like Dynasty Warriors and Left 4 Dead, with over the top fast-paced action combat and storytelling. Enter the world of Remnant and battle against Grimm in locations from the show, as well as entirely new areas never seen before! Take control of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, and explore, fight, and simply experience the world of RWBY! Immerse yourself in the world of Remnant, and experience the story of RWBY with your friends!

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Key Features

Fun Cooperative Gameplay - Play with up to 4 friends online, and fight, hack, and slash your way across Remnant through an all new storyline full of new enemies and locations!

Unique Characters - Players in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse can take control of Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang, each with a unique tree of skills that they can improve through MOBA stype progression.

Loads Of Unlocks - As players complete the story and advance their characters, they can unlock tons of rewards and achievements by overcoming challenges.

Character Driven Adventure - As you play through the game, the story of the world and the characters unfolds. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse tells the RWBY story as never before!