Ryzom is a sandbox MMORPG game of science-fiction, fantasy and adventure, set in an evolving world that is constantly changing and growing. Known as the Living Planet, Atys doesn't behave quite like any world you've experienced in any other MMORPG. To start with, Atys is growing, slowly sending tendrils out which can unveil new lands and cover up existing ones. Your actions can also shape this land, determining the outcome of events that will shape history. Due to this constant growth, the climate and weather on the surface can vary greatly, even in a short time span. So what are you waiting for? This is your call to arms! Head on over to the official site, register and start playing!

Ryzom Key Features

Customize Your Character - Characters are completely customizable in Ryzom, but besides that they are also quite unusual because they are not specifically bound to a class. Yes you heard that right, when playing Ryzom you can choose whatever you want to be while playing your character. That means, you don't need to focus on one path. You can be everything at once! For example: you can train your magic to amplify healing or casting offensive spells. Or you can wield a deadly melee weapon to hack and slash your enemies to death. The way you play is completely up to you!

Craft And Gather - Gather and craft anything you want in the game. Ryzom features an advanced harvesting and crafting system. Depending on what weather and season it is, you can harvest different materials. Eventually creating your own epic loot!

Sandbox Gameplay - Far from being a frozen world, Ryzom is constantly evolving in regard to your actions. Will you spark another war? Will you found a lucrative commercial guild or aim for political power? What if your hunting talents could be decisive in the struggle against Kitins?

PvP If You Like It - For the PvP enthusiasts, there is consensual open world PvP. Meaning you can fight everywhere, but only when you wish to do so. So dueling, outposts battles, faction of region fights, YOU decide whether you fight to the death or abstain from fighting at all!