Sacrament is an open world fantasy MMORPG which focuses on the core components of the genre; grouping, adventuring, community, reward, and most of all, challenge! in Sacrament, you can go very nearly anywhere, and do virtually anything you choose, but be aware that your life is always in some danger. Players can focus on PvE, crafting, PvP, roleplay, exploration...or they can do whatever they find the most fun on a given day! Whether you choose to become the best crafter in the game, the most feared PvPer, or a juggernaut of PvE, you will find plenty of challenge and reward... and more than a little frustration!

Sacrament Key Features

True Open World - Whether you prefer to PvE or PvP, run alone or solo, craft, roleplay, or do a little bit of everything, Sacrament delivers. The focus is not about the endgame, but about playing to your skill level in whatever you choose to do.

Choose A Path - You must pick a race and a class in Sacrament, but unlike many contemporary MMOs,your choice matters; the gameplay and experience will vary depending on who you choose to be. With twenty different races and dwenty eight different, role focused classes, Sacrament offers a much deeper decision than the usual tank/damage/healer choice. Each role is very focused, placing emphasis on teamwork.

Rewarding, Deep Crafting System - Crafting has been designed from the outset to be as deep, involved, and rewarding as PvE or PvP gameplay, not simply tacked onto the game as an afterthought. Do you want to swing a legendary sword, or be the one who forged it?