Saga of Lucimia is a high-fantasy, group-based MMORPG currently in development, with a highly nostalgic return to the classic MMORPG setting, when players worked together to achieve goals that were greater than what they could achieve on their own. A time when teamwork, friendship and community meant more than loot and single-serving, on-the-rails quest lines designed to take you to max level in a matter of days. There is no solo content in Saga of Lucimia.

Explore emergent gameplay in a world where the players determine the hot spots, the best places to hunt, their favorite dungeons, routes to and from cities, camp spots, and beyond. With zero single-player storylines guiding you or funneling you from Point A to Point B. This game will be the epitome of the Sandbox genre, stepping far away from themepark games.

Saga Of Lucimia Key Features

No Mini Maps - You will need to memorize the landscapes and various landmarks to find your way around the world, like more traditional methods.

Explore And Discover - Exploration, lore and community drive your exploration onwards. Trainers are rarely found in the major cities, instead they are out in the world, in the backwater outposts,ruins, and wilds of the game.

Work Together - There is no way to play this game single-player, everything is aimed at 3-4 player interaction, and multi-group raids such as 8-man dungeons.

Skill Based System - It is your personal journey to choose from among hundreds of skills to build a unique character to match your play style.

No Repetitive Quests - No flashing icons over the heads of NPCs telling you who to talk to or where to go, no glowing trails leading you from quest objective to quest objective.