SamuTale is an open world sandbox MMORPG with all of the features of a true classic sandbox; player housing and village building, farming, crafting, full loot PvP, and so much more, in a fun fantasy setting based on feudal Japan! The immersive, persistent world of SamuTale provides all of the resources players may ever want, and it even replenishes them in real time; all interactable plants have their own life cycles and grow in real time! With hack and slash combat, skill based character creation, extensive player crafting and trading, SamuTale lets you do whatever you wish, however you wish. Will you focus on combat or on crafting, on trading or on farming... or on taking whatever you can from those around you? The world lays open before you!

SamuTale Key Features

Build A Village - Your Clan's village will be the center of life and activity. Work the land, learn a trade, and do your part to help your clan rise to prosperity.

Full Loot PvP - You can attack others in SamuTale, but be warned; murdering others means that you get a Murder Tag! When you're tagged as a murderer, you will lose all of your gear upon death.

Skill-Based Character Creation - Create your own unique build based on what you wear and what you wield!

Action Combat System - There is no tab and special spamming here; you must aim your attacks with bows and swords, and be prepared to block or evade them in real time.

Living Sandbox World - From plants with a real time life cycle to an extensive crafting system to a player run trade economy, the whole world of SamuTale is designed to be freeform and open.