SAO's Legend is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG based on the popular anime franchise, Sword Art Online. Players can experience the world and events of Aincrad, the fantasy realm of Sword Art Online, while they explore and advance. Choose from an array of four traditional fantasy MMO classes and set off to seek loot, pets, mounts, and more! Fans of browser-based games will find all of the features and functions they have come to expect of games in the genre. Fans of Sword Art Online will recognize faces and places. Join a guild, collect pets, acquire mounts, get the best gear, and more!

SAO's Legend Key Features

Choose Your Character - Play as a Ranger, Swordsman, Knight, or Priest. Each one has unique strengths, weaknesses, and skill trees.

Legendary Instances - Enter deep dungeons and claim fantastic rewards; no risk, no gain! From the Aincrad Instance to the simply-named Gear Instance, adventure and loot await.

Get A Girl Friend - Pets in SAO's Legend are known as "Girl Friends" and they are strong allies in combat!

Upgrade Your Gear - You can upgrade your weapons and armor by polishing them, adding powerful crystals, or even installing gemstones.

Join A Guild - Join one of three guilds and meet new friends and climb through the ranks. You can earn special coupons for powerful rewards!