Savage 2: A Tortured Soul combines the very best of the RPG, RTS, and FPS genres to create a hybrid PVP strategy game between the Legion of Man and the Beast Horde. It offers 16 classes and a range of maps and a mixture of various types of weapons, melee and special abilities. The Legion and Horde each have a set of ranged and melee weapons, and special abilities unique to them. Engage in combat at a variety of levels and with a myriad of units, and work together with teammates and commanders to win the day.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Key Features

Get In The Action - Action players are units on the battlefield that help carry out their team’s ultimate objective of destroying the enemy’s Command Center (Legion of Man’s Stronghold or Beast Horde’s Lair). In order to do this, team work and coordination from their commander is required. The action player gets to choose from classes available to them based upon the buildings and technologies the commander has researched.

Take Command - The commander player gets a traditional RTS interface and top-down view of the battlefield. Their elevated status and control scheme allows them to better plan and communicate that strategy to their team, much like the general of a traditional army. Commanders also control the economy of the team. They are responsible for bringing in resources to the team as well as building and repairing structures. They can power-build or repair damaged structures through the use of "Repair NPCs" they can spawn and control.

Manage The Economy - The main staple of the Savage 2: A Tortured Soul economy is gold. The slow way to earn gold is by killing NPCs amd other players, and destroying enemy structures. However, it is mainly gathered for team use from mines sprinkled throughout maps. To extract gold from mines a team must build an extractor on the mine. (Legion of Man’s Steam Mine or Beast Horde’s Mine Grove).

Persistent Stats - Each player account has statistics that are generated throughout each match they play. At the end of each match those statistics are transmitted to the S2 Statistic Servers and tabulated into that players overall persistent stats.