Savage Hunt: Dragon's Prophet is a free to play fantasy MMORPG where you become a hero, tame powerful dragons, and follow your destiny! Get ready to explore the wide world of Auratia, a land full of countless dragons and fabulous creatures... and adventure! To realize your destiny however, you will need to team up with the most powerful fantastic creatures in the world - the dragons. You are a dragon-rider, and you must seek out, capture, and tame the dragons who will carry you to victory. Discover the fantastic opportunities and rewards which await a dragon master such as yourself. From PvE to PvP to your own instanced home, Savage Hunt: Dragon's Prophet delivers fun on all fronts.

Savage Hunt: Dragon's Prophet Europe Key Features

Find Your Dragon - Capture a dragon and enter into a special connection with it. It will become your valuable companion in all future battles. Combine your powers with your dragon's and become an unbeatable force!

Epic Variety - More than 400 different types of dragons await discovery, with more than 500 different skills to learn. Train your dragon to become the ultimate battle companion!

Action-Based Combat - An intense action based combat system keeps you in the fight. Timing and precision are critical for consistent victories, for both you and your dragon.

Diverse Activities - Fight in epic cross-server PvP battles for territory and tax revenue, or complete quests and seek out new dragons. Team up with other players for dungeons and bosses. You can even decorate your very own home.