Savage Lands is a gritty, brutal, first-person Open Fantasy World survival game. Players have one goal: Stay Alive. Explore a world where days and frigid nights are spent slaughtering vicious creatures, gathering scarce resources, building shelter, and crafting powerful weapons needed to survive. Every decision counts. One mistake can mean permanent death.

Lost at sea and marooned on the shores of a strange and mysterious island, your fight to survive has begun. Explore this hostile world, gathering scarce resources and forging the weapons needed to fend off the ferocious creatures lurking all across the Sundered Isle.

Savage Lands Game Features

Huge and Unforgiving Open World: Fight for survival across an immense, realistic open world that contains changing time of day, evolving weather conditions, diverse creatures and other surprises scattered around. Savage Lands is bursting with a variety of twisted and hostile creatures ranging from the minuscule to gargantuan scattered throughout the Sundered Isle.

Brutal Combat - Each encounter, regardless of size and power, has the potential to end fatally. Every creature in Savage Lands will be powered by a unique AI system complete with line of sight, collision avoidance, situational awareness, and pack mentality designed to bring the world to life.

Character Customization: Personalize your character with a variety of gear to create a one-of-a-kind look. Character data is persistent across all servers making it easy to play with friends.

Building System: Erect and fortify shelters for you and your allies to escape hostile creatures and players that roam the island.

Robust Item Crafting: Craft unique armor, weapons, food, and more, from the materials scavenged from the land. Almost limitless options to create items that will greatly increase your odds of survival.

Multiplayer: Fight alone or team up with other exiles, hoard crafted supplies and gear, and take refuge from the unforgiving environment. Be on guard, as those you think are friends can quickly turn to foe and loot your rotting corpse.

Day/Night Cycles - Many creatures walk the day, but take refuge from the night as the freezing cold is only one of many things that will tear away at your humanity.