Savage Resurrection is a classic action FPS and RTS hybrid which aims to recreate the feel of classic games in the genre. Powered by the Unreal 4 engine, players will experience fast-paced combat mixed with deep strategic gameplay. Fight for the beasts or the humans and engage in epic 12 vs 12 battles, or take a command role and use strategy and maneuver to lead your team to victory! Savage Resurrection is a multiplayer only game with a focus on intense, competitive play which includes both melee and shooter aspects and is designed to challenge even serious and experienced RTS and FPS vets. Are you ready to engage in the ultimate challenge of speed and skill, of strategy and cunning?

Savage Resurrection Key Features

Strategic Approach - Players must secure resources and positions, build structures, research new weapons and technology, and be prepared to use everything from subterfuge to economic warfare to defeat their enemies!

Many Modes - Compete in 12 vs 12 casual or 7 vs 7 competitive matches across several different maps. A leaderboard and stat tracking system help you keep tabs on performance, and might even give you bragging rights.

Choose Your Character - You can select from six different roles on both the Human and Beast teams, each with unique strengths and skills. Who will your favorite be?

Focus On The Fight - You can step into a tactical role and fight in intense FPS matches, or you can take a strategic position and command your team from behind the lines; which do you prefer?