Scarlet Fate* *- Knights of Fantasy 2 is a Free-to-Play idle RPG featuring a large cast of lovely characters and fantastic stories. There are three forces in the world of Scarlet Fate: Human, Demi-human, and Demon. Each of them has their own attributes and skills. As a leader, you, Lotus, will have to make the best use of your advantages and form a strong team to obtain as many precious resources as possible during combat. However, fighting is not the only option. You will have a chance to enjoy happy, peaceful moments while staying with your friends: Sending them their favorite items, sharing the foods you made with them, listening to their stories... They will step into your heart and comfort your soul.


  • Collect various kinds of friends and pets. Raise them and form an invincible team!

  • Develop relationships with your friends, dive deeper into their secrets.

  • A wide choice of gameplay: Fight in battlefields, explore forests, seek treasures, run a coffee shop, make delicious foods and drinks...Come and fulfill your dreams here!

  • Your friends will keep fighting and obtaining loot for you when you are offline. Play without worry!

  • Available both on PC and mobile. No download required.