Scavengers is a third-person shooter and sandbox survival game set in a post-apocalyptic arctic wasteland, and requiring players to fight and scavenge to survive. You begin play by equipping your character, your "scavenger", and then setting off to explore the wilds. You are young and uncertain, but the longer you can stay alive, the more skills, confidence, and influence you can gain. Along the way, you will meet other human players, and you may fight with them, team up with them, or simply avoid them. To survive, you need to complete objectives, scavenge for resources, and fight for your life against AI enemies, all while keeping an eye out for other players looking to profit from your demise. Whether you choose to cooperate or compete with other players, Scavengers offers gameplay for everyone.

Scavengers Key Features

Scrounge And Survive - Survival in this hostile and frozen world is anything but certain. To have any hope of survival, you must scour and scrounge for gear, weapons, and tools, and you must do it quickly; the clock is against you!

Co-Opetition Play - As you encounter other players, you must choose whether to cooperate or attack. While other players might have things you can use, two sets of eyes are better than one at looking out for trouble.

The World is Against You - From the hostile environment to the hordes of AI enemies, the odds are against the players. As players advance, they can finally begin unraveling the mysteries of the world they find themselves in...