School of Dragons is a world full of creativity, endless quests, and adventures, set in Dreamworks' fantastic How to Train Your Dragon setting!School of Dragons not only captures the imagination of kids and parents alike but also creates an environment that promotes scientific discovery. As kids progress through this exciting dragon game, concepts like the Scientific Method will help them to complete quests and help out fellow Vikings. Of course, a big part of the gameplay also deals with raising your own dragon! Can you care for and raise your very own dragon, from egg to adult?

School Of Dragons Key Features

Wide Range of Dragons - With this awesome feature you can choose your own dragon according your own tastes and preferences. School of Dragons offers you dozens of dragons with different appearances, characters and behavior.

Minigames - With this feature you can play in mini games like fishing, quests, Fireball Frenzy, Flight club, Alchemy adventure and Thunder Run Racing. There's always more to do!

Acquire Knowledge - School of Dragons gives you an opportunity to abroad your knowledge through the performing science experiments and exploring the Viking world.

Various Abilities - Your dragon is very unique. All dragons are completely different and therefore you can raise and train not only 1, but 42 different dragons and would not know what to expect from them.
Egg Raising - Raise your dragon from an egg! Take this egg, bring it to the lava pool where they hatch and then, the baby dragon can be named and you can chose the color and gender.

Upgrading System - By completing various quests, mini games and the missions, your dragon will get the additional experience points and level up.