Screeps is an open source sandbox MMORTS for programmers where the core mechanic focuses on programming your units' AI. You build a colony that operates around the clock, and you control this colony by writing JavaScript to define the actions of your units. Keep in mind, Screeps is set in a massive shared world where other players are all working just as diligently as you! Your colony can build more units, trade with other colonies, or even go to war, and so can the colonies belonging to all of the other players. If you enjoy strategy games where your colony runs in-game (and is thus potentially open to attack!) 24/7, and you like programming and coding, give Screeps a try.

Screeps Key Features

Script Your Creeps - Screeps is about scripting your creeps! Your in game units, known as "creeps", run 24/7 and are dependent on you to program them to do their tasks efficiently. Learn how to program and play a great MMORTS at the same time!

Shared Persistent World - In most MMO games, the moment you log off, your character leaves the world and is "safe". Not so in Screeps! Your colony always exists in the world, and your creeps are always working in accordance with their AI. Program them well enough to work properly when you're offline... or else!

Real Time Strategy - Trade with other players, harvest resources, construct loads of new units, and much more. At the end of the day, this is a genuine MMORTS, with all of the action, excitement, and strategic and tactical gameplay fans of the genre demand.