Scrolls is a fantasy online collectible card game where players cast spells and summon creatures by using potent scrolls to win battles. In this fantastic world, players use powerful magical parchments to call upon ancient machines, powerful spells, and magical creatures. Assembling a deck is as much strategy as fortune; some of these powerful parchments are quite common, while others are very scarce. Once you have assembled your deck, you can then fight in battles against both AI and player opponents, and prove your tactical skill. Will you develop the skills necessary to win the day?

NOTE: Scrolls has shut down as of February 13, 2018

Scrolls Key Features

Multi Modes - Play in Tutorial modes where you can learn the game, and then enter into Trials games which offer rich rewards for solving challenging puzzles. You can then go on to test yourself and your deck against the AI in Quick Match mode, or even face off against other players in Challenge mode!

Build Your Deck - Scrolls come in four types; Creatures, Structures, Spells, and Enchantments. Build a deck focusing on a specific strategy or theme, or simply full of your favorite cards. Your skill in both building your deck, and then in using it during the game, is critical in winning!