SCUM is a next generation open world survival MMO featuring complex game mechanics, survival features, and character progression. The world’s unquenchable need for cheap thrills has turned towards "entertainment" which pits condemned prisoners against one another in fearsome survival battles. In this fight, knowledge and skills are the premier tools for survival. Your character is one of the combatants on the prison island of Bagne de Cayenne, and the only way out is to outlast, outsmart, and outfight the other prisoners. In SCUM, it's kill or be killed, all while battling for the support of viewers and sponsors for fame, gifts, and even a chance at life after death.

SCUM Key Features

Intense Survival Experience - Manage everything from your caloric intake and body mass to your character's skills with weapons, security systems, and much more. Be careful; if you die, your valuable skills will be lost.

Advance And Overcome - As you play, your character's skills will advance, and you can gain benefits from corporate sponsors and fans if they like your performance. You can even earn the chance to be resurrected should you die, and keep your skill progress.

Fight For Your Life - Sooner or later, no matter how careful you may be, you'll have to fight for your life. Kill or be killed; there is no patience on the island, no compassion. Slay your enemies and claim the fame and adoration of the fans.