Based on the popular Manga Gundam SEED, Joyfun's SD Gundam Online is a free to play turn-based RPG and strategy web game.

SD Gundam Online Story

Set in Cosmic Era, Gundam SEED starts with 2 subspecies of humans: normal Earth dwelling humans, known as "Naturals", and the genetically altered humans known as "Coordinators", who live in space colonies. The space colonies together formed PLANT with ZAFT as its official military. ZAFT frequently attacked the Earth in effort to steal Mobile Suits and gain command. On February 14 in Cosmic Era 70, the Earth Alliances sent a nuclear attack on PLANT's agricultural satellite, Junius Seven, and therefore completing eliminating it. This event, known as the "Bloody Valentine Day", led to complete full-scale war between PLANT and the Earth Alliances.