Seas of Gold is a free to play browser game which blends strategy and RPG elements, and which focuses on naval combat in the Age of Sail. The fantasy pirate setting gives Seas of Gold a unique flavor, and serves to deliver an immersive and fun experience. The game begins with your character being shipwrecked; you must overcome this setback, assemble skilled and savvy crews of pirates, and obtaining ships which you will use to form a fleet. Combat is turn based, but fast paced and dynamic, and demands the utmost from players in seamanship and gunnery skill. Be ye a clumsy lubber, or do ye have the wits n iron t' take what ye will, when ye will? Battle sail, and run out the 12s!

Seas Of Gold Key Features

Turn Based Strategy Combat - Maneuver and battle on a grid-based map in turn based combat, but remember; sailing warfare requires advanced planning and thinking. You must plan where you want to be, where your enemy will be, and where the wind can take you. Now, fire as she bears!

Pirates Meet Fantasy - A fun world which meshes fantasy elements with pirate themes gives Seas of Gold a fun, light hearted feel, but allows for serious game depth at the same time. Will you rule the waves? Seek out hidden treasures and adventure, and make your mark on the world; can you unravel the curse that hangs over these lands?

Manage Your Units - Manage people, ships, and other resources, and be prepared to adapt to the unexpected! You must balance your forces and assets, and be certain to leave no weaknesses which your enemy can exploit.