Seed is a unique survival focused MMORPG driven by social experiences and teamwork where players create the world through collaboration and interaction. Mankind has been forced to take to the stars, to pursue some chance of survival on a distant exoplanet, and you and thousands of other players can shape the future. Players do not directly control a character in Seed as they might in traditional MMORPGs. Instead, players create a multitude of characters and assign set routines to them, allowing these characters to develop their community and progress on their own organically. Every decision players make will have a butterfly effect throughout the game world as a whole. If you like sim games and social interaction, Seed may be for you.

Seed Key Features

Set The Stage - Players do not directly control a character; instead, they create a number of different characters, each to fill a different role in society. These characters can be given a schedule of tasks to perform, and they will do so to the best of their ability... usually.

Manage Your Community - As a player's community is constantly under threat, it's important to maintain the physical and mental health of your characters. As progression happens organically, characters will grow, breed, and develop their own social construct.

Work Together - Consider your decisions carefully - every move you make in Seed can send ripples throughout not only your own community, but the entire world. Work together with other players to build something great, and deliver mankind to a new beginning.