Seeking Dawn is a massive sci-fi survival-exploration VR game that puts you into an immersive alien "death world" chock-full of interesting flora and fauna, unknown dangers and wonderful delights. Complete with an epic story and characters with vivid personality, the game will feature more than 10 hours of content for the average player on the first play-through. Harder challenges and the lure of better loot ensure subsequent play-throughs remain fun and attractive.

In the year 2097, several planets of the Solar System, as well as the nearest star systems such as Alpha Centauri, have been colonized by humanity. The entire Solar System is in the grip of a corrupt political entity, the United Federation of Sol (UFS). People are violently oppressed and live in despair. Lt. James Murphy, born to parents who were the very first settlers of the Alpha Centauri system, joined the Republic of Alpha Centauri (RAC) military at a young age and proved himself in battle in the Independence War. However, it has been a difficult war and RAC forces are on the verge of being overun by the UFS Armada. You must lead your men and take back Donovan Crater at all costs, Lt. Murphy.

Seeking Dawn Key Features

Multiplayer Co-Op - Team up with friends to explore all Seeking Dawn has to offer! Explore the world and face its challenges together.

Crafting And Technology - Take advantage of expansive and deep equipment crafting and tech trees, and get the best of gear. You can even learn to cook!

Building And Defense Construction - Fortifications and defenses are critical. Make certain to place them well!

Huge And Diverse Universe - Explore new breathtaking biomes which are home to amazing new creatures. Some will be friendly. Some will not.

Get The Best Gear - Make sure you have the best equipment. Gear rarity tiers and many combinations of weapons and equipment offer loads of options.

Interactive World - You can interact with the world in many ways, from climbing, to swimming, to swinging on vines and ropes.