Sentinel Heroes is a free to play, browser based, turn-based strategic auto-battle card game. Here players take the role of heroes from Sentinel to protect the Tree of World against evil dragon Ozymandias. Sentinel Heroes can work on Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera etc.. You can also access it from your mobile browser (Android only at present). Join your friends and find a way to defeat your enemies!

Sentinel Heroes Key Features

Play Together - Battle your friends and foes in PvP Arena and group-based team challenges. Can you defeat all challengers and win bragging rights and more?

Grow And Learn - Learn various talents besides heroes' unique skills and league skills to make your team stand out. The more you know, they better you'll do!

Convenient And Free - Available on any browser across multiple platforms for free! No need for downloads or subscriptions; play anytime, anywhere, from any browser.

Grow Your Forces - Collect heroes and creatures to form your own unique army. Recruit an enemy unit after a successful battle, even if they are considered a boss!

Strategic Play - Use your strategy and intellect and join forces with other players to drive back the Scourge. Customize your own strategies by counter-picking enemy teams and adjusting battle formation!