Serenia Fantasy is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG with graphics and gameplay reminiscent of early '90s JRPGs. Taking inspiration from the classic RPGs of the 1990’s, Serenia Fantasy offers a retro gaming experience taking players back to the golden age of gaming. The pixel art and old school animations are reminiscent of a 1990’s console RPG. This, combined with the multilayer maps, lighting, and first class physics engine give players a smooth, enjoyable experience, rarely found in the world of browser-based MMORPGs.

Serenia Fantasy Key Features

Old-School RPG Style - With its charming Pixel-Styled art, Serenia Fantasy is inspired by 1990’s console animation. If you love the look and feel of old style JRPGs, you will be right at home here!

Show Your Stuff - You can personalize the look of your character! Equip items in customizable costume slots and show off your style.

Be The Pet - You can collect and train pets, so you need not travel alone. You can also take advantage of the innovative system which allows you to actually transform into your pet!

Loads To Do - Explore the world and learn the story. Various game modes allow either co-op or solo play. You can even PvP If you like!