Seven Seas Saga is a free to play, browser based MMORPG that allows players to fight on the bloody seas for pirate treasure, fight pirate ships, do business, and contribute to their countries. Seven Seas Saga, also known as SSS, allows players to choose from merchants, pirates, or those who fight to keep the seas free. Players also can choose to play as any group at anytime creating merchant pirates, merchant navy officer, or even a navy officer pirate. Players are given quests, maps to discover treasure, and items to trade at the many harbors in the game. Where will the winds take you?

Seven Seas Saga Key Features

Choose Your Path - Will you try to make a fortune as a merchant, carrying goods from faraway lands? Will you become a pirate, and prey upon all who cross your path? Or will you seek to keep the sea lanes safe and free as an officer in the Navy?

Play Alone Or In Groups - Players can group up and work together to overcome challenges. Merchants and Naval Officers working together can amass significant wealth safely... but pirates and navy officers can just steal it! Will you work together for the good of your country, or are you in it for number one?