Sevencore is free-to-play MMORPG published by WEBZEN, Inc. The game focuses on mounted combat, allowing players to battle along-side a mount of their choosing regardless of terrain. Sevencore also focuses on PVP, and features three unique races (Zion, Nuuk, Brutus), each with their own unique racial passives that may contribute greatly toward your playstyle. Fight your way on land, sea, or air, with more mounts than you can possibly imagine. Journey through this new post-apocalyptic world, and be captivated by its rich and compelling storyline.

Sevencore Key Features

Mounts, Mounts, Mounts - Ride a variety of mounts that will not only help you traverse through different terrains, but also aid you in battle. From beast mounts to mechanical rides, the choice is yours

Choose Your Role - Choose between three races and three district character classes

Play Politics - Dabble in the game's political system composed of Occupation wars and even Presidential Elections.

The Ultimate Challenge - Fend off other players in PVP as you enter different battlefields, each with its own unique mechanic.

Explore And Experience - Complete quests and immerse yourself further in the game's lore.

Try Your Luck - Engage Treasure Turtles and get various prizes. Be warned though--- these buggers are pretty fast.

Craft New Items - Collect recipes and various regents as you combine and create new items through the game's alchemy system, courtesy of the Tortoise Shell box.