Shadowbound is a browser-based MMORPG developed and published by R2Games. Shadowbound features refined classic MMORPG systems mixed with fresh takes on fighting and skills that create a truly unique online game experience. It features tight combat mechanics, tough puzzle based dungeons, as well as a complex formation system for deploying your party. There are also systems that let you try certain content early, to help you build your character exactly the way you want to.

Immerse yourself in a mystical world wrought with intrigue, and build a formidable party of mercenaries help you fight back enemy forces. Unlock the true potential of your warriors by mastering the intricate art of battle formation. Every decision you make is the difference between glory and ruination. Take control of your own fate, and find your footing in a tilted world.

Shadowbound Key Features

Build Your Team - Recruit Mercenaries and assemble a team of NPCs who level up and aid you in battle. Then, set off for adventure, and fight in team based, turn based battles - no need for twitch skill here.

Raid Dungeons - Explore various dungeons and defeat huge monsters. In addition to combat, be prepared to solve puzzles. You can enter elite dungeons for epic rewards and challenges!

Who Will You Be - Choose your class from one of three basic classes. Then, personalize your character with deep character customization options.

Get In The Ring - If you ever desire a greater challenge, you shall have it. Prove your strength against other players in PVP!