Shadowgun War Games is a fast paced mobile multiplayer FPS that demands quick reflexes, sound tactical thinking, and fun sci-fi heroes. If you think war never changes, think again. Shadowgun War Games is the latest installment in the popular Shadowgun shooter franchise, and it promises an engaging and fun experience optimized for mobile devices. Choose your character from a wide array of heroes, and use their special abilities to destroy the enemy. Work together with your team to take tactical command of the battlefield. Show off your personal skills and take enemy players down. If you like mobile shooters or are simply a fan of the Shadowgun franchise, this game might be one for you to try.

Shadowgun War Games Key Features

Choose Your Hero - Pick your hero from a roster of potent choices. Each different character offers unique skills and abilities. Choose your favorite and get in the game.

Show Your Stuff - Mow down the opposition and show off your skills, speed, and style. The vast array of high tech weaponry and gadgetry ensures you've always got the tool for the job.

Work As A Team - You and your teammates must work together, coordinating maneuvers and covering one another as you advance. A skilled and cohesive team is key to victory.