Shadowland Online is a free to play browser based strategy game set in a Dark Fantasy world. As one of the three remaining races, players must reclaim their empire and drive away the evil force which has crept through the mystical Gate of Ages. Travel to historical periods and recruit real legendary heroes into your army. Can you win the ultimate war, and drive back the darkness? Or will your empire be buried beneath the sands of history?

Players are able to manage and expand their empire over dangerous new environments and regions. Throughout their travels, heroes may come across characters who will provide them with quests. Engage in an RTS battle system with a Simulation twist, travel through the Gate of Ages and restore historical figures to life in Shadowland Online.

Shadowland Online Key Features

Shadowland Online is a Strategy Based MMORPG in which you play a Mercenary, a Noble or a Tribal. Manage your town and upgrade your hero, weapons and buildings. Mine gold, farm and explore to discover magical items. Build and strengthen your army to defeat your enemies and develop your empire. You must recruit legendary heroes like King Leonidas, Genghis Kahn and King Arthur on your quest.