Shadow's Kiss is a vampire-centric MMORPG set in a dark modern fantasy world where players collaborate or compete in a shared online world. The game emphasizes intrigue, relationships, exploration, and strategic combat, and has been called "Game of Thrones with Vampires".

Enter the role of a fledgling vampire, competing for power and dominance in a world populated by slayers, shapeshifters, ghosts, and other supernatural factions. Offering questing and strategic combat, Shadow’s Kiss distinguishes itself from other MMO’s in emphasizing social conflict and domination; the need to build a large network of enthralled gangsters, spies, occultists, financiers, and other minions through either intimidation or seduction. Can you survive in this, the darkest of underworlds?

Shadow's Kiss Key Features

Vampire Lair - Players begin with a base of operations (lair), and set out to gain influence by controlling humans (thralls) or working with other vampires (allies) in a gothic, nocturnal Game of Thrones. Build up an empire, and own nightclubs, penthouses, and more!

Social Intrigue - The cornerstone of Shadow's Kiss is the social aspect; the intrigue, the alliances, the betrayals. You must weave a web of connections and allegiances, while not being caught up too deeply in the webs of others. Can you handle the pressure?

Deep Quests - Complete tasks for people and learn more about the world, yourself, and its other inhabitants. The more you learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more power and influence you can wield. Search for lost artifacts, defeat supernatural threats, and more!

Classless System - Equip the skills you need to accomplish your missions, from practicing swordplay with a sparring partner to testing your electronic lockpicking skills. You can then grow and evolve into something greater, choosing new and more powerful vampiric paths... if you dare.

Dark Fantasy World - Step into a shadowy world of lust and alleyways, of dark places and darker intentions. Tread lightly!

Domination System - As a player in Shadow’s Kiss, the topmost level of PvP comes from the Domination System: controlling various aspects of mortal society towards your own nefarious ends. You can use your influence to gain rare items, crafting components, and rare minions, and also to track, frustrate, and destroy the Domination of rival player vampires.