Shaiya is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG that allows you to slay terrible beasts and wield hundreds of powerful weapons, but also offers an Ultimate game mode, in which death is permanent. Destroy, Conquer and Dominate. That's the mantra of Shaiya, the world's first perma-death MMORPG. Experience industry-leading RvR and PvP systems in huge and epic faction-based wars, explore an expansive, dynamic world full of epic quests and gear, and fight for survival in permanent death mode with greater challenges and rewards!

Shaiya Key Features

Choose Your Path - Pick from one of four races, and then select one of three classes. Each race has unique class choices, so these decisions really matter! Whatever you pick, you will learn to use your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

Simple Or Hardcore - You can choose to play in basic mode, and enjoy the game in safety and relative peace. Or you can choose to play in Ultimate mode! Ultimate mode characters earn more Skill and Stat points when they gain a level, and can use powerful ultimate mode items. However, should they die, they must be resurrected within 3 minutes; if they are not, that character is deleted, forever.

Intense PvP - From simple duels to epic realm vs. realm battles, PvP is intense in Shaiya. When you die as an Easy, Normal or Hard mode character in Shaiya, you will lose some experience unless you have an item that prevents it. You also have a chance to lose equipped items or items in your character's inventory unless you have items to prevent that as well. As an Ultimate mode character, all of the previous applies, as well as risk of permadeath!