Shattered Galaxy is a 2D Sci-Fi MMORTS which combines the character development of role-paying with the excitement of real-time strategy in an online persistent world. It is in fact the world's first published massively multiplayer real-time online strategy game, and still boasts a flourishing community in an ever evolving universe. Command squads of 6-12 units in large scale battles with over 40 players, discover new strategies and technologies and advance to greatness.

NOTE: The game's website is still live but has not been updated since 2014. The game seems to have been abandoned.

Shattered Galaxy Key Features

Play Together - Enter the world's first published massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, combines the excitement of real-time strategy with the character development of role-playing in a persistent online world.

Manage Units And Resources - You must allocate resources for repair, upgrades, and even R&R for your troops. You must be very skilled at this delicate balancing act to prosper here!

PvE Or PvP Content - Though the focus of the game is on player vs player battles, there are also hostile aliens to fight. The subterranean caverns are crawling with them, and the deeper you venture, the stronger they become!

Progress Is Mandatory - Discover new friends, new strategies and new technologies! Advance to greatness in the only massive online warfare experience available.Dynamic Universe - When you play Shattered Galaxy, you enter a community of thousands of gamers like yourself. Fight with hundreds in an ever-evolving universe!