Shattered Skies is a massive buy to play persistent open world shooter featuring full loot drop, ruthless PVP and dynamic objectives with support for large scale group vs group skirmishes. Gain experience and level up your character to be able to use better weapons and crafting recipes. Explore the world to find epic loot and character cosmetic items. Trade with NPCs as well as other players. Secure your loot in the safety of the Global Vault, accessible at specific non combat zones on the map.

Shattered Skies raises open-world sandbox looter-shooter style games to the next level. Step into a massive experience set in a world where all hell has broken loose. A comet impact has shattered the moon into countless pieces which were pulled down by earth's gravity along with fragments of the comet itself, resulting in thousands of meteoric impacts. Areas that meteor shards landed have brought strange crystal growth formations all over the world and remaining humans are just now discovering how to harness this great crystal energy, granted they can survive the monsters lurking in a dense fog near the crystals. Enter the world of Shattered Skies, work together with your friends, and who knows what you might achieve?

Shattered Skies Key Features

Pay Once, Play Forever - The buy to play model means no microtransactions, no pay to win, no power creep. All items, guns, cosmetics and character advancement in Shattered Skies is earned through good old fashioned gameplay.

Dynamic, Team-Based Combat - Work together with friends to achieve victory against dynamic objectives and enemies. Can you set an ambush and defeat a larger player team?

Fun Focused - With degree of realism with Food and Water management as well as medical conditions effects for your character, Shattered Skies ultimately is not striving for hyper-realism. We want players to have fun.

Extensive Gun Customization - Kit out your guns, from flash hiders to extended mags to much more! The upgrades are not merely cosmetic; they confer in game advantages, so keep your eyes out for new bits and bobs!

Explore And Loot - The huge, open world awaits, and offers loads of items to find and places to discover. In addition, full loot PvP is part of Shattered Skies; kill your enemy and take their stuff!

Non-Combat Zones - Non combat areas exist, where you are safe to relax, trade, and chat with friends. After all, even the toughest fighters need a break from time to time.

Character Advancement And Customization - As you level your character up, you'll gain access to new guns, new items, and a load of cosmetic updates. Personalize your character and stand out from the crowd!

Crafting System - With immediate crafting from materials that do not take up precious inventory space, crafting is not the primary focus of the game, but can give you advantages and helpful items!