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Shidonni is a browser based virtual world for Kids based on the joy of drawing. Kids draw their virtual pets and play with them as they magically come to life. Give your children their on-line pen and a paper and see them create their own pets, friends, worlds, galaxies and stories. Shidonni goes one step further from the templates we found online and give a remarkable and personal experience, which allows kids of all ages to express themselves. Give any child a pen and a paper and see them create their own pets, friends, worlds, galaxies and stories. Shidonni is mimicking just that.

Why is Shidonni Unique?

In Shidonni, kids get their own online “pen and paper” to sketch animals. The moment they do, their creations come to life ‘virtually’. Kids can then create worlds for their animals, feed them, play with them and share them with their friends. Shidonni emphasizes and creativity encourages creative thinking. There is not right or wrong at Shidonni’s world – we build your child’s self confidence in his/hers own creative skills. Shidonni moves away from preset items, templates and an over commercial currency based activity. Children are not merely putting together ready-made parts and “winning” money as they do in other sites. We encourage children to actually create and develop their own ingenious worlds. They can go wherever their imagination takes them. We believe that encouraging creativity is crucial in counteracting today’s “ready –made culture”. Next to creativity, our games and activities promote the essential values of responsibility and friendship

For Parents:

Shidonni is ideal for kids aged 5-12 years old, but anyone can play. This is why we have added many layers of safety and privacy. Our strict safety policy is consistent with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor Principles for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

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