Ship of Heroes is an ambitious indie MMORPG which combines the best features of superhero and space focused MMOs, set on an immense galaxy-faring spaceship. Inspired by the legendary City of Heroes, players will receive a game experience in which they create characters and level them up by moving from one ship deck to another, gaining powers and fighting stronger enemies at each point. It’s a ship that is going places; the ship docks periodically at new worlds, distant mining colonies, with other ships, and perhaps even a space station or two. In each new location, Players will find new missions, materials to harvest, enemies to defeat, and unique items to acquire.

Ship Of Heroes Key Features

Create Your Hero - Character creation includes hundreds of costume pieces, and easy tools to alter every character’s height, build, and proportions. You will be able to play the game for years and still never meet anyone who looks or dresses exactly like you.

Myriad Super Powers - Powers are organized into familiar archetypes: Tankers who take hits, Scrappers and Blasters who focus on melee and ranged attacks, and Defenders, who have a variety of support powers, like healing and buffing. Each archetype has a variety of primary and secondary powersets to choose from, and each set of powers enables very different playstyles. Even within the same character and powersets, you can experiment with different powers to build a unique combat style!

Jobs For All - Onboard the ship, everybody works. They have jobs. The jobs relate to the kind of mission content you’d like to do most. Want to be in Ship Security? Done. Want to be a mercenary who takes jobs for hire (including on the new worlds the ship visits)? Done. But maybe you want to be a healer, working in Ship Security. That’s okay too.

Trade And Craft - Harvesting, crafting and trading are all parts of the game, and for those who want to focus on these elements, they will be profitable and challenging. Job choices tie in to harvesting and crafting in several ways, as do the different planets the ship visits. The trading system is robust, so that those who just want to fight (and win!) are able to buy what they need using their loot, while those who want to build an economic empire will find plenty of opportunities to do so.