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Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl Shooting Girl

Shooting Girl

Shooting Girl is a free to play turn-based strategy game where you recruit, train, and fight with a team of gun-toting Anime-style schoolgirls. Step into the role of a rookie instructor at the White Lily Metropolitan Technical College & Boot Camp, and prepare your team to face off against the UnKnown, an unidentified enemy who has launched a sudden worldwide attack! It is up to you to lead these gun-toting college students into the fight and reclaim all 23 Tokyo wards from UnKnown control. Charming characters and an unconventional premise combine to make this a fun, fresh game experience!

Shooting Girl Key Features

Authentic Weapons – Each character in Shooting Girl is armed with a unique real-world firearm, from the bolt-action Mauser 98 to the H&K MP7 submachine gun.

Variety Of Playstyles – Girls’ personalities and abilities are matched to their weapons: hard-charging shotgun enthusiasts will close in to destroy enemies, while icy snipers will pick off targets at range.

Tactical Decision Making – Players will be able to set tactics for each girl dependent upon the situation, ordering their troops to provide cover, flank, or close range as the situation demands.

A Living Battlefield – Weather conditions, terrain types, and off-map combat support profoundly affect the course of a battle. Utilize the unique abilities of your gun-girls to defeat the enemy.

Shooting Girl

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