Shot Online is a free to play, browser based golf MMO, with gameplay which demands full concentration and awareness. Experience a faithful reproduction of golf thanks to the realistic physics and 3D grapics. Shot Online is not just an online sports game but a very accurate simulation and a deep role playing experience. There are RPG elements that make it unique, such as community interaction and the improvement and advancement of your character. For even more immersion, players can obtain both realistic and rare items from the long, storied, rich history of golf.

Shot Online Key Features

Browser Based Convenience - Browser games are popular for a reason! With play anywhere, anytime convenience, no subscriptions or downloads, and fun gameplay, there's a lot to like. Have a few spare minutes between classes or after lunch? Hop on and shoot a couple holes!

Realistic Physics And Graphics - Be ready to make your shot! With realistic ball physics and 3D graphics, your ball will act very like it would on a real course! Can you keep it on the fairway and make it to the green in 2? Is your putting game up to the challenge?

Role-Playing Game Elements - From an active community to a character who grows over time, Shot Online offers an RPGlike game experience. Kit your character out and get swinging!